Sandefjord Videregående Skole (High School)

Welcome to have a look at Sandefjord Videregående Skole (High School) and the Chemistry/Process-building.
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The Library
Entrance to the Library
Forum by the bookstore
Forum by the reception
Main entrance
Forum east
Outside by building C
Entrance to chemistry building
Chemistry - Process line bridge
Chemistry - Process line floor
Chemistry - Manual lab
Chemistry - Instrument lab

Sandefjord VGS - The Library Sandefjord VGS - Entrance to the Library Sandefjord VGS - Forum by the bookstore Sandefjord VGS - Forum by the reception Sandefjord VGS - Main entrance Sandefjord VGS - Forum east Sandefjord VGS - Outside by building C Sandefjord VGS - Entrance to chemistry building Sandefjord VGS - Chemistry - Process line bridge Sandefjord VGS - Chemistry - Process line floor Sandefjord VGS - Chemistry - Manual lab Sandefjord VGS - Chemistry - Instrument lab